The Werks

From the hungry young quartet that emerged out of Dayton, OH in 2005 to the mature, road-tested group they are now, The Werks are returning to their roots to reconnect with their identity. With over a decade’s worth of The Werk Out Festivals to their name, five studio albums, and a passport stamped with sets at Electric Forest, Summer Camp, The Peach, High Sierra, The Hang Out, and more, The Werks are bringing their musical wisdom and experience into a new chapter.

The four-piece jam-funk meets livetronica act was proud to welcome back original bassist Chuckie Love to the band in 2021, joining fellow founders Rob Chafin (drums/vocals) and Chris Houser (guitar/vocals) who play alongside Dan Shaw (keyboards). With Love back in the group, The Werks have tapped into the communal spark that birthed the band almost two decades ago, emerging with a renewed sense of purpose. 

As they transition into this next chapter, The Werks are reaffirming their focus on live performances. With this rededication to the road, the band will come armed with a new studio album, their first since 2017’s Magic. Fans can look forward to the long-awaited full-length Sonder LP, the arrival of which signifies yet another artistic awakening for The Werks. With their 20th-anniversary on the horizon, The Werks’ commitment to one another, to their fans, and to their craft strengthens with each passing note.